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The POPPKAD project has digitised names from Popp matrices with a view to identifying large-scale landownership. It concerns the names of owners, usufructuaries and leaseholders of real estate located in the provinces of Antwerp, Brabant, Hainaut and East Flanders at a given moment in the period 1858-1873. Even though this list is only a "by-product" of the project, it is a useful instrument for local historians, genealogists and other researchers. The file acts as a register on the Popp matrices, which are difficult to use due to a lack of indexes. Next to each name in the project file we mention the municipality and the cadastral item number that we have information about.

The POPPKAD database is still under construction. It has 450,000 cadastral items with 540,000 surnames originating from 1006 municipalities. The available municipalities are divided per province as follows:

Names register based on the Popp matrices: summary of available municipalities

Province   Number of municipalities Years
Antwerp     87 (all Popp matrices)1867-1871
Brabant   2791858-1864
Hainaut   3501861-1873
East-Flanders   290 (all Popp matrices)1859-1864

Access to the names register
Overview map of indexed municipalities
Why doesn't the names register cover all municipalities?
Where can I find real estate details related to the missing municipalities?