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Why doesn‘t the names register cover all municipalities?

The names register covers a sizeable territory, but it doesn‘t cover the entire country. With the limited resources that we have, it isn‘t possible to include real estate details from every municipality. Moreover, such an objective doesn‘t fit in the project. POPPKAD is being developed for scientific applications. The initiative must primarily result in research materials for the study of social relations in the nineteenth century. A selection of municipalities suffices for this purpose. The representativeness of the area (degree of urbanisation, surface area of leasehold, etc.) determined the choice of municipalities.

The database of property owners contains the names of all private owners and usufructuaries listed in the collection of Popp matrices in the Ghent University Library. This series was supplemented with municipalities that are important for the selection of regions that will be subject to in-depth research.

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Why doesn‘t the names register cover all municipalities?
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