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Which owners and what information appears in the database?

The database contains the basic details (name, cadastral item number, municipality) of all owners, usufructuaries and leaseholders of property located in the municipalities for which cadastral matrices were published by P.C. Popp and that have already been input (see Overview map of indexed municipalities) as part of the POPPKAD project.

The search engine only processes surnames. Institutions cannot be searched on this website (but they are mentioned if the name of a private individual also appears in an item description).

The same person can appear in the database several times. This is the case if someone possesses property in different municipalities or if the property right of this person are not the same everywhere (distinction between full or partial ownership, right of usufruct or leasehold). An example: Joannes Janssens possesses a house in Lokeren and two plots of pasture land in Eksaarde (one in full ownership, one as a co-owner and one with usufructuary). In this case Joannes Janssens appears in the matrices and the database three times.

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Which owners and what information appears in the database?
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