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Manual for researchers

Wouter Ronsijn, De kadasterkaarten van Popp: een sleutel tot uw lokale geschiedenis: historische geografie van Aarschot, Asse, Halle en Tienen aan de hand van de kadasterkaarten van Popp [Popp‘s land registry maps: a key to your local history: historical geography of Aarschot, Asse, Halle and Tienen based on Popp‘s land registry maps]. Leuven/Louvain, Peeters Publishers, 2007, 148 p.

This work (only available in Dutch) offers an overview of the applicability of Popp‘s maps and matrices for a wide audience based on a few sample studies from Flemish Brabant. The book explains Popp‘s maps and matrices and contains practical information so that historians and local historians can get started.

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Manual for researchers